It’s only been three days since I’ve returned from the Congo, but it still feels like a lifetime ago.  There are things I miss when I get back from bigger meets like this one – the teammates I rarely get to see, meeting so many new people, the feeling of pride that comes with competing for Ghana on an international level – just to name a few.  Overall, my time Brazzaville, Congo was OK at best.  A lot of things didn’t go as expected, but I’ve learned over time to just roll with the punches and make the best of every opportunity I’m given…

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Weekly Eats #3

The past week was pretty simple and straight forward when it came to food.  Maybe it was because I was so creative last week, or maybe it was because of midterms,who knows.  I had a lot of the same meals because I either found myself cooking in bulk (pasta sauce) or keeping it simple (eggs, chips, potatoes, etc).  We’ll see how I feel during this week with food.

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