stop underestimating yourself


Last week I officially started my training for the year, and I was surprisingly happy with how it turned out. I came down with a cold on Monday, and I’m just now getting over it today (Sunday).  So, my week definitely started a little rocky.  On Tuesday I had a hard tempo workout, but I was still able to hit the times I was supposed to.  Wednesday was interesting as I got back into the sprint mentality and sped through a few sets of 60m runs.  By Friday I was feeling pretty good about myself.  Friday is our hard workout day, and I went into it feeling both anxious about how it would go, and excited to see just where my body was really at.  My running partner that day was my friend, Maya, and she was pretty anxious, too, but we pumped ourselves up and got after it.



Link Love: 11.14.14

After tons of searching and scouring of the world-wide web, I’ve finally started to find a lot more blogs that I enjoy reading.  One of the reasons I was able to find more blogs to read was because of posts I encountered called Link Love.  Basically, people share links to things online that they’ve enjoyed recently so that more people can check them out, and see what they might be missing.  I thought it was an awesome idea, and decided to give it a try.  So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been enjoying online recently:

Link Love:

  1. My Ghanaian teammate, Flings Joyner Owusu-Agyapong finally got her website up! Check it out and show her some love ❤
  2. Through Flings, I also stumbled upon the website of Canadian Hurdler, Karelle Edwards. She doesn’t update very often, but I’m enjoying what she’s posted so far 🙂
  3. I’m a sucker for great photography, add in fitness and fashion and I’m hooked. Michelle Carigma manages to do all that and more!
  4. Two of my former teammates have a blog that discuss and informs on a variety of topics ranging from training and recovery to nutrition and lifestyle. It’s hard to leave Sustainable Athletics without learning something new.
  5. As I’ve gotten more involved with my blog, I’ve been looking for resources and advice on what I can do to improve it. The Nectar Collective is a great resource for people who want to get more serious about blogging.

Are there any sites you’ve been enjoying lately? (other than this one, of course 😉 )

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! Stay active!
❤ Gemma