how to transition and stick to healthy habits


One of the main focuses of this blog is to document my transition to a healthier lifestyle, and how you can, too. So, every now and then I’ve made sure to highlight my goals of trying to eat healthier and how I’ve attempted to lead a healthier lifestyle overall.

As of late, I haven’t mentioned it much because I’ve felt like I took two steps forward and five giantย steps back. A few months ago, I had successfully weaned myself off soda, stopped eating candy, and was slowly but surely drinking more water every day. I had my meal planning and prepping down to a science and I felt awesome both physically and mentally.

Fast forward to today, and I’m back to drinking soda whenever I get the chance (i.e. whenever it’s free), have fallen behind in my Sunday meal prep (but I’m working on it), and I’m 90% sure these headaches I keep getting after practice are due to dehydration (oops). All in all, I haven’t gone back to square one, but I’m not where I want to be with my goals. All this means I’m going to start over in getting back into those great habits I was so proud of. So, today I’m sharing with you just how I transition and stick to healthy habits all in 2 easy ish steps!

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I haven’t done a Motivation Monday posts in weeks (maybe even months)! I enjoy sharing the nuggets of motivation I find online, though, so I’m bringing the motivation back with a vengeance!

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Ab Challenge: Week 1 Update

This is just a quick update on the challenge!ย  It’s been one week since I started and so far, so good.

My teammates have all been very supportive and have even joined me on some days as I did the exercises.ย  I can already see an improvement; I can do some exercises for longer now, and the ones that aren’t too difficult have become even easier.ย  Hopefully in a few more weeks I’ll be an abs master ๐Ÿ˜›

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My Ab Challenge

Last week, I did an ab circuit with my teammate, Tessa, after one of my weightlifting sessions, and it ended with me marveling at Tessa’s amazing ability to do each exercise longer than 20 seconds.

I’ve never been the type of person to stick to something very long, unless it happens by accident.ย  But, as I’m trying to change my bad habits into good ones, I figured I’d challenge myself every now and then, just so I get those small bursts of accomplishments, while I wait for the bigger results to come.

My first challenge is…ABS!

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