Tuesday: Getting Sick

mac and cheese

breakfast: I wasn’t feeling too hot so I had box mac and cheese instead of my usual eggs.

Orange Carrot Naked Juice

post-workout snack: I had this Orange Carrot Naked Juice in hopes it would help keep away the cold.

Chicken Corn Chowder

Various Toasted BreadLeftover Rice and Stew

dinner: I bought this Progresso Chicken Corn Chowder on a whim and planned to eat it with various bread, but that plan was a bust. The soup was disgusting. I was feeling pretty crappy by then, so I just had leftover rice and corned beef stew with black pepper (shito).

Also, I only had half of that Krispy Kreme donut.

snack (not shown): a handful of baked fries and honey lemon tea.


Monday: Lazy Dinner

simple Monday breakfast

breakfast: eggs over-medium, whole wheat toast with butter, a Granny Smith apple, and green tea with milk and sugar.

post-workout snack (not shown): 1 mini stack of roasted vegetable ritz crackers and an apple

stir-fried rice and stew

dinner: rice stir-fried with leftover corned beef stew

soft Japanese bread

snack: soft, Japanese bread roll with Earl Grey tea.


Planning for the Week 11.9.14.

Continuing the theme of last week’s meal planning, I thought I would share what I ate during the week. I actually decided to make this post near the end of week, so I didn’t keep track of what I ate for every single meal, but here’s what I do remember.

Monday:  homemade granola, raspberries, vanilla yogurt; quick chicken teriyaki, steamed broccoli, homemade fries
Tuesday:  chicken parmesan;
Wednesday:  scrambled eggs, spinach, buttered toast; pineapple; chicken teriyaki
Thursday:  granola, vanilla yogurt; cheese pizza (take-out)
Friday:  breakfast sandwich (scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, English muffin); chicken teriyaki, sautéed spinach, brown rice, plain omelet
Saturday:  waffle, breakfast potatoes, cantaloupe, scrambled eggs, bacon, chocolate milk; buffalo chicken wings (restaurant); granola, yogurt

Chicken is one of the most versatile ingredients in my opinion.  I only cooked it 2 ways last week, but there are so many ways to prepare it that it can fit into whatever dish you’re in the mood for.  This coming week I’ll be making quesadillas, which I’m extremely excited about.  I’ll probably post the recipe if it turns out OK.

What will you be eating this week?

Stay Healthy!
❤ Gemma

Meal Planning 101

This week I’m switching it up from my usual Weekly Eats post and instead posting about the behind-the-scenes of my meals.

A common question I get after I post my weekly round-up of meals and snacks is “Where do you find the time to cook all this?”. The simple answer is I don’t. I plan out what I’ll be eating for most of the week, then make the bulk of my meals over the weekend.  I basically eat pre-prepared meals, or “leftovers”, through most of the week. Every now and then I’ll make something new in the middle of the week if I’m getting a too tired of eating the same thing over and over, but most of the time, making small changes to a main dish is enough for me.

Let’s start with the nitty-gritty.
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Weekly Eats #3

The past week was pretty simple and straight forward when it came to food.  Maybe it was because I was so creative last week, or maybe it was because of midterms,who knows.  I had a lot of the same meals because I either found myself cooking in bulk (pasta sauce) or keeping it simple (eggs, chips, potatoes, etc).  We’ll see how I feel during this week with food.

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