Ab Challenge: The End

Well, it’s now week 5, which means the Ab Challenge is finally over!  *Cheers*

I feel pretty accomplished with completing my first challenge. Some days it was extremely difficult to not just head home immediately after my workouts. But, I stuck it out and now I’m much better at a lot more ab exercises than before.

My goals for the challenge were:

    1. To get better at doing the actual core exercises
    2. To make doing core work after my regular workouts more habitual.

In my opinion, I’ve achieved both, so I’m calling the challenge a success!

Here’s my before and after picture.

The Before and After comparison for the Ab Challenge

The Before and After comparison for the Ab Challenge

I can sort of see a difference. Aside from my braids being gone, and my mirror being dirtier, my abs have become a little more defined. I wasn’t expecting much to change physically, so I’m happy with the minimal changes for now. What do you guys think? Do you see a difference?

I’m not sure if I’ll do another challenge immediately or not. Maybe in a month or two, or if I find one that really appeals to me. Until then I’ll continue with my ab workouts without the pressure of a challenge hovering over my back 😃

I numbered the posts for the ab challenge horribly, but I’ll go back later and fix them so that they’re accurate and easier to follow. Until then here’s a look back at my past updates from the very beginning:
Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, & Week 4

Take a look at them and try out the challenge for yourself!

Stay Active!
❤ Gemma

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