Reflections: My First Full Week Back

One word to describe my first week back is: satisfying. Another word would be: sore.

Last week was my first full week back training with the team, and I was ecstatic about it.  Our usual training schedule was a little off because of the long Columbus Day weekend, so everything was basically delayed a day – speed on Tuesday, tempo on Wednesday, etc., etc.

I felt pretty good while doing the workouts (minus the constant soreness), and I can slowly see a few changes in my running form (or at least I’m hoping there are changes, haha).  One of the best parts of being fully back into training, is being able to workout with my teammates.  They make even the most mundane of tasks (like stretching) super entertaining.  Working out and lifting with teammates around is also more encouraging, as we cheer for each other in-between reps and push each other during harder runs.

Like I mentioned in my last ab challenge update, my teammates have even turned the challenge into something fun and they often join in.  Here’s a picture of Christy and I making it look as if bicycles were the easiest, most entertaining exercise in the world.

Doing bicycles with Christy

Doing bicycles with Christy; Picture taken by my teammate, Sophie Jancsurak*

All in all, I think it was a great first week, and I’m eager to see what my coach has in store for us for the rest of this training cycle.

*My teammate, Sophie, is currently a student-athlete at Boston University and is also a Marketing Assistant at a consulting firm on Beacon hill, that specializes in Legal Department Management.

Stay Active!

❤ Gemma

One thought on “Reflections: My First Full Week Back

  1. What a great idea for a blog, it’s not something I’ve ever seen before and it’s really good for people to look up to. I especially like your weekly eats feature. Good luck with your future career in athletics!


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