Weekly Eats

A week in which I make the switch to brown rice, green tea, and discover that tuna goes great with rice. I switched to whole wheat pasta years ago, and I don’t even notice the difference now.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Eats

  1. The meal in the bowl, with the egg cut in half, what is the green leafy item.

    Sorry to ask. I’m in England so food items are pretty boring.


    1. Haha, it’s no problem. It’s seaweed(nori)! Here you can buy them in grocery stores in the Asian section, usually around the sushi items. You can also find them at Asian markets/grocery stores.

      Seaweed is high in calcium, contain Anti-oxidants, Vitamin k, and iron. I really like the taste of it, so I throw it into some Asian dishes for that unique taste 🙂

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