My Ab Challenge

Last week, I did an ab circuit with my teammate, Tessa, after one of my weightlifting sessions, and it ended with me marveling at Tessa’s amazing ability to do each exercise longer than 20 seconds.

I’ve never been the type of person to stick to something very long, unless it happens by accident.  But, as I’m trying to change my bad habits into good ones, I figured I’d challenge myself every now and then, just so I get those small bursts of accomplishments, while I wait for the bigger results to come.

My first challenge is…ABS!

One of the most common challenges I’ve seen people take on is some sort of ab challenge; there are literally hundreds of them online.  I usually only do ab circuits with my team, and though I do have abs (see evidence below), I feel like they’re just for show.  My core is surprisingly weak, and as I continue to try and fix my running posture and style, the need for a strong core becomes greater and greater.  So, as a way to combat any problems that may arise in the future from this deficit, I’ll be doing an ab circuit after every workout from now on.

My lack of core strength is something that I’ve ignored in the past, but it should have actually been one of the things I focused on more.  Core conditioning reduces the chances of all sorts of injuries, and improves stability, balance, and posture, all things that I have trouble with and need to work on.

“Overall, core strength training reinforces the way that your pelvis, abs, hips and lower back work together. When you’re at your peak fitness level, running allows well-toned core muscles to work in sync. When your foot hits the ground, they hold your trunk rock-solid as the kinetic energy from your foot transmits to your hamstring, up to your arm and back down to your other foot. A conditioned core prevents any wiggling in your torso and keeps you from deflecting energy, so you run faster.”

The Challenge

I think I know myself pretty well, and if I try to do too much, too soon, then I’ll end up half-assing it and giving up. So, I’m not going to be too strict on myself with this challenge.  The only restrictions I’m putting on myself are: The circuit has to have at least 4 exercises, and be at least 30 seconds in length per exercise.

I’ve placed a link to some exercises below, so feel free to join me!  Tessa uses the Nike Training Club App to get a lot of her ab exercises, and I decided to use it as well. It has lots of new, interesting exercises that switches it up from the usual crunches and planks.  Let me know if you decide to do the challenge, so we can encourage each other along the way! 😀

Here’s the link to a few exercises to get you started! a lower ab circuit (it’s a video so you can see how the exercises are done)

Good Luck and Stay Active!

❤ Gemma

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