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A Runner’s High

The other day, as I was rolling out after lifting, I couldn’t help but feel great about myself. I was sore and exhausted, but that feeling of being back at work on the track and in the gym made all that fade into the background.

When someone asks me why I love to run, I usually reply with “I do and I don’t”.  Which is true, in a sense.  I don’t particularly love running in and of itself.  But, I do love the feeling of crossing the finish line and seeing a new PR, of crushing a hard workout and knowing that most people would have given up, of feeling fit and healthy and motivated to keep pushing.  I love everything that running gives me, but just so you know, I am slowly learning to like running.  I’m sure the love will come later.

One of the main reasons I’ve continued running is because of the feeling of accomplishment and general happiness that it gives me.  I could be feeling down, I could be stressed abut school or work, I could be worried abut friends or a relationship, but all that becomes 10 times more bearable after a good workout, and 100 times more after a great meet.

Whenever I used to think of a “runner’s high”, I used to think it only applied to long distance runner’s.  Who gets super happy after running?  Or after a hard workout?  Usually I just feel exhausted,run down, and ready to eat, ice, and collapse in bed.  These days, I think I’ve finally reached that stage, where I still feel like a truck ran me over, but I feel happy about it. Feeling bad post workouts makes me feel like I’m getting closer to my goals, even without the actual times displayed in front of me.  If I felt fine, then I would feel like I hadn’t done anything that day, or that I hadn’t tried as hard as I should have.  Not all workouts need to be attacked with 100%, but they should all be given 100% effort.  I hope that makes sense.

I know some days I won’t feel as excited or as thrilled after my workouts, but I know the results will be worth it.  I’d like to know what keeps you motivated, whether it’s running, jumping, cycling, or whatever it is you do!

Stay Active!

❤ Gemma

Any Thoughts?

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