Finding Inspiration

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
-Winston Churchill

This week has been a trial in keeping on track (excuse the pun, haha).

I’ve always been one to get disappointed in myself easily.  If things don’t go perfectly the first time, it’s easy for me to see myself as having immediately failed, and it’s hard to rev myself back up again.  I’ve known this for a long time, so I knew that trying to change my attitude and be more motivated and optimistic would be one of my hardest challenges on this journey to achieving my goals.

This week my first hurdle was put in front of me in terms of failing, but continued pep talks from one of my best friends, Naya Owusu, and a larger perspective on what I can improve on have given me a refreshed outlook.  It’s easy to give up after failing, but getting back up and trying again is the real challenge that I’m hoping to conquer this year.  It might always be a work in progress for me, but as long as I persist and persevere, I know I will be one step closer to being a better me.

The rest of the weekend I will be taking a breather, and then I’ll start the week anew by attacking my workouts and my studies.

Stay Active!

❤ Gemma

P.S.  I’m always on the lookout for new areas of inspiration.  Sadly, I have yet to find another running blog like mine in the sense that all the blogs I have; been able to find are all long distance, marathoners, or leisure joggers.  It seems like no one blogs about sprinting.  If anyone knows of any and can recommend them to me, that would be great!

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