New Year, New Motivation

The new school year is starting, and as usual I am extra motivated to do well, especially since it’s my senior year. 

Not only am I extra excited for school, but for once I’m also excited for pre-season training!  It’s a shock, I know.  After the experience running abroad this summer, and knowing with a lot more work I could be a much better sprinter, I’m just looking forward to hitting the weights and gaining some strength back, as well as working on my running technique.  My coach told me I’ll be lifting 4 times a week when I get back to it, and I plan on slowly working my way into a much healthier diet and lifestyle, which I will document here.  I’m notorious for eating horribly and having it not affect my body too severely, but I really want to make that switch and see just how eating right and getting more sleep will help me.  Wish me luck guys!!

In other news, I move to my new apartment tomorrow, and I can then finally get started on getting settled and preparing for school.  I won’t start strength conditioning until next week, so until then I’ll just be focusing on school and getting a head-start on the healthy lifestyle goal.

This blog is just in its beginning stages, but I have big plans for the future and I hope to look back in a year’s time happy with the results here and with my running.

Until next time,


Any Thoughts?

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